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Youth Farm Mission: To empower the students to become land stewards & community leaders and to provide affordable produce to the community.

BK Farmyards Led Programs: In order to root the project in the community, we intend to start small and expand to the full acre in 5 years. This approach allows us to respond to student, teacher, and community needs. We have no intention for this project to be a fad: we are invested in long term change to the community.

The first year, we will convert ¼-acre to farmyard including composting bins, a greenhouse, school garden, tool shed, benches & tables, and a farm. Each year after, we will expand the farm and programs with the produce sales from the previous year. In the first year, the programs on site will include:

School Garden Curricula: The students have partnered with Coro Leadership Training Program to study nutrition, so our curricula will focus first on cooking fresh from the garden, portion sizes, eating in season, and gardening for health.

Youth Employment Program: During the summer, the farm will employ and mentor students who will spend 20 supervised hours on the farm mastering the science of composting, integrated pest management, water conservation, and soil health.

Healthy & Affordable Food: Community members can buy weekly shares of produce from the farm. Students, staff, and community volunteers will learn to harvest, wash, weigh, bunch, and distribute produce.

Harvest Festivals: In June and October, we will have a block festival revolving around the harvest of produce on site



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