6 Tips About Cruises You Need To Know

More than 20 million people go on cruises each year, but we bet that whether you’re a newbie or an experienced sailor, we can help you save money and enjoy smooth sailing with these six tips and tricks.

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1. Book far in advance.
One of the best ways to save money is to book your cruise nine months to two years in advance. You might snag an introductory rate or secure some nice promotional savings such as beverage packages, onboard credits, free upgrades, or even rates where kids sail free.
2. Buy drinks in bulk.
Because there’s no open beverage law onboard a cruise ship, buying drinks in bulk might save you significant money. If it’s cheaper to buy a bottle of wine at dinner instead of a few glasses but you’re afraid you won’t finish it, just ask your waiter to mark the bottle with your room number and save it for another night. Groups of beer drinkers can save by ordering buckets for a cheaper per-bottle price than individual drinks. On most cruise lines soda is not free, but you can save by buying a package which offers unlimited soda a set price.
3. Bring a magnet.
Hear us out on this one. Since most cabins are made of metal, they’re magnetic. By sticking a couple magnets in your suitcase, you can increase your hanging space for light jackets or easily post the cruise newsletter on the wall without taking up precious storage space. Another idea: pack a magnetic whiteboard and use it to leave messages for your roomies.
4. Careful with that cell phone.
Just because your phone has a signal on your ship doesn’t mean it’s cheap to use. Consider purchasing a short term international package for fairly cheap. Also make sure you tap into the ship’s wifi to connect without using your data plan.
5. Quit losing your room key.
Thank you, CruiseCritic.com, for this great trick! Pack a hardy necklace, get your room key hole punched by the purser’s desk when you board, then string it around your neck. No need to worry about carrying your wallet around or having pockets while you’re cruising the Caribbean in your swimsuit.
6. Take advantage of the spa.
Even if you’re not into facials and massages, you should still check out the spa. Significantly more spacious than your cabin’s bathroom (and sometimes with significantly better water pressure), the spa facilities typically offer steam rooms, heated tile loungers, thalassotherapy pools, and more.

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