• Grow on trees
  • We Make Your Money Grow on Tress


Do you want to build money from trees? That may sound strange but that is exactly what this system will help you to achieve. When you join this system and play along, you will practically grow money out of trees. The earlier the better.


About Us

LICOLEVERAGE is administered by THE LICO PLATFORM (LEARN, INNOVATE, CREATE AND OPERATE. LICOLEVERAGE is a program you cannot afford to ignore if you are truly interested in growing financial capacity from the small seeds of a moderate or small earner. We are here to help you with quality financial information on regular basis in order to educate our members and partners on financial issues. In. Read more...

How it Works

The cardinal objective of the program is to help you save money in a seamless manner without having to be making the savings from your current earnings if you are already employed. Then when you have made the savings, the system aids you to invest the savings in a business or brand that you can call your own (either full or part ownership) which you shall nurture alongside other partners and me. 9016508259

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