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Richard Rowland, mosaic artist


Mosaic Art by Richard Rowland

I am Richard Rowland, a mosaic artist based in Chatham, Kent. I design and make modern mosaic artworks for private homes and gardens, commercial premises and public sites.


Why choose a mosaic?

A good mosaic is a beautiful work of art but mosaic has other special qualities to offer. A wide range of materials can be used in mosaic making, giving great variety of surface, texture and colour in both two and three dimensional work. Mosaics can be extremely tough and durable. Made from the right materials, they are waterproof, will not fade in sunlight, can be walked on and can stand extremes of temperature.

This makes mosaics ideal as art for gardens and other outdoor sites, kitchens and bathrooms, floors and paving, as well as being an alternative to other forms of art in more conventional settings.


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